Board of Directors

We are so appreciative of the time and effort provided by our board.

Their time and selfless dedication is shaping our organization.

Jim Gurbach


Clare Gurbach


Lindsey Kidder

Jennifer Lovoy

Tim Lovoy

Karin Muff

Donna Foote Shalvoy

Margaret Samaniego

Michael Schmitt

Rick Smith

Beth Yocum

Advisory Board

Jamal Adams
Mollie Baumer
Bill Beebe
Jeff Beland
Laurie Caine
Patrice Campbell
Lisa Chu
Gretchen Corbell

John DeLuca
Karen Farrell
Patty Gordon
Lisa Guidone
Dawn Hammit
Lynne Hook
Jack Hook
Yvonne Kroneberger

Jeffrey Le Sage
Meg Lenihan
Rob Lucenti
Lindsey MacFarlane
Valerie Mc Andrews
Martha Mansfield
Maricel Montano
Larry Muno

Megan Pfaff
Tom Reed
Valerie Sartini
Terry Trumbull
Stephen Turner
Paul White
Jamie Wagenbach