Coaches Corner


Basketball Clinic 1: 300-shot-workout.

Basketball Clinic 2: NBA closeout drill.

Basketball Clinic 3: 4 on 4 shell screening.

Basketball Clinic 4: 5 on 4 rotation shell.

Basketball Clinic 5: 2-3 zone principles.

Basketball Clinic 6: includes flex 1 through 4.

Basketball Clinic 7: includes flex quick hitter 1 through 3.

Basketball Clinic 8: includes 2 man late, 4-5 cross, 4 man Lob, 5 man late, and hi-lo plays.

Basketball Clinic 9: fast print horns double.

Basketball Clinic 10: includes zone series.

Basketball Clinic 11: Iowa State 2-3 zone blob.

Note Taking Schematic

Coaching Development

Basketball Analogies

Retreat 2014 Playbook

Developing Your Coaching Philosphy: step-by-step instructions to create your own coaching philosphy.

Positive Coaching: a visualization of how to maintain a positive coaching style.

Practice Plan Template and Sample

Fall practice plan #2

Fall practice plan #3

Fall practice plan #4

Fall practice plan #6

Offensive skill development

Spurs 8 Keys to Ball Movement

Double-Goal Coach Job Description


Being Well Coached by Mike Neighbors

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Signs of Great Leadership

Toughness by Jay Bilas

Prayers for Use with Teams