Our Name

St Sebastian

Why Saint Sebastian?

Saint Sebastian is the Patron Saint of athletes, archers, and soldiers. Saint Sebastian was a Roman Centurion who secretly entered the Roman army to defend the Christian martyrs of his day. The courageous young soldier was eventually arrested, tied to a tree, attacked by arrows, and left for dead. But through his physical and spiritual strength, he endured and survived. Today this strength translates to the perseverance we see in many of the children attending the schools that we support. They may not have the "material things" but they do have "heart" and "desire".

As Catholics, we often turn to our Patron Saints for help in times of need. Our hope is that the children we touch through the Saint Sebastian Sports Project will see Saint Sebastian as a model of spiritual strength and endurance throughout their lives.

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Prayer to St. Sebastian (Patron of Athletes)

Saint Sebastian, patron saint of athletes and sports, help me to do the best that I can, aim high, and always give it my best effort, and if I should fail, give me the strength to try harder. Amen

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