In Honor of Michael Schmitt

It is with heavy hearts and grateful minds that we mourn the passing of Michael Schmitt, a cherished member of the Saint Sebastian Sports Project family.  Michael embodied all that SSSP stands for.  He was a mentor, coach, and friend—a true man for others.

Although he was always a supporter, Michael officially joined our team in 2014 as a liaison to St. Malachy, a school he lifted up with his winning spirit. He was a force on the campus. Not only did he attend sporting events; he personally purchased shirts for the coaches and proudly presented our Arrow Award to deserving students.

In 2018, when he joined our Executive Board, he was all in! Coach Mike helped run Rob Lucenti’s much-loved flag football clinics each year and he hosted our fall welcome party for new liaisons. At board meetings, nothing was decided until Michael weighed in.  His strategic thinking and marketing genius were key to our success.

Words can not express how sad we are at his passing. We will miss his easy smile and steadfast faith. But we know his spirit will live on through our work and through all the lives he has touched.

Clare & Jim Gurbach 2024 Archbishop’s Award Dinner Honorees

We are very proud of Clare and Jim…leading by example, truly walking the walk and living our faith…. Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only!